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About the Portland Hair Clinic

The Portland Hair Clinic in association with Cheveux Hair Salon Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories  offers  a private consultation room to discuss, advise and refer clients on their journey for Hair Restoration.


Here at The Portland Hair Clinic we are dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence. The team of experts  have worked in high- technology environments for years developing the CRL system, an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair - seamlessly.

Soon after your treatment has commenced you can return to a full, active life including swimming and high-impact sports.

Our clinics offer calm, private environments in which we integrate the CRL hair system to your unique hairline and scalp, so that you can return to living a full, active life without compromise.

Your care will continue under the guidance of your dedicated Cesare Ragazzi consultants Mr Gary Devane & Ms Anne-Marie Comerford

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